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It should be: To enrich the quality of life of our customers and facilitate their daily commuting behavior through employment of technology with world-class skills to avail mobility solutions that fulfill their needs.

PETRONAS Syntium 3000

Modern driving conditions like stop­start driving, idling, acceleration on highways, driving with heavy loads and many more put engines under a lot of stress that can lead to excessive heat buildup. Excessive engine heat generation is not limited to one particular country or driving patterns; it is a common issue that engines face across the globe.


PETRONAS Mach 5 is exclusively formulated with premium quality unconventional base oils and advanced additives technology to provide the outstanding thermal and oxidation stability that ensure minimum oil thickening at very high operating temperature, excellent deposits control and minimized engine wear and tear.


PETRONAS Urania is a technologically advanced lubricant designed to work as hard as your heavy-duty vehicle. It is formulated internationally by our global team of experts. These premium quality monograde and multigrade lubricants were developed for outstanding diesel engine performance under the toughest of driving conditions.